Diet 6 petals - menu and reviews

Vegetable basket for the diet 6 petals

The 6-petal slimming diet was developed by Anna Johansson, a Swedish nutritionist. It is likely that this opportunity to get rid of extra pounds will be attractive to anyone who does not like to limit themselves to the amount of food and to those who want to achieve the desired result quickly.

At first glance, Anna Johansson’s 6-petal diet may seem very simple. After all, it is based on the principle that we consume the products of one group every six days. For example, one day you can only eat vegetables, another day you can only eat meat, and so on. However, the order in which certain products are used plays a leading role in the destruction of adipose tissue, the stimulation of metabolism and the removal of breakdown products from the body. Thus, the maximum effect on reducing fat reserves depends exactly on following the rules of the system.

A girl who lost weight with a 6-petalled diet measures her weight loss results

The principle of diet is 6 petals

The 6-petal diet has the simplest menu: only six food groups to eat. These are vegetables, cottage cheese, cereals, fish, chicken, fruits. You can add salt, herbs and spices to your food (but only natural ones)! Proteins break down fats intensively, so weight is lost as quickly as possible. In addition to a six-petalled diet, it is possible to eat raw and fried vegetables on certain days, but without sauce, in pure form.

You can also eat chicken without restriction, so hunger is simply ruled out with such a diet. A small amount of low-fat milk is also allowed on the menu during the cottage cheese day. As for water, it should be consumed without restriction - the more, the better. On the sixth day, you can drink freshly squeezed juices, but not from high-calorie fruits (such as grapes, bananas, melons).

It is almost unrestricted to consume herbal teas every day without sugar. You can pre-order several or even a set of herbal teas. You can choose a cleansing tea or one that tastes better. The point is not to have artificial flavors in it.

On the third day of the 6-petal diet, you can consume unlimited amounts of chicken.

The psychological basis of diet

Among many nutritionists and general consumers, Johansson's diet is called the "6 petals. "The aim of this system is to create a positive motivation to lose weight throughout the weight loss process and to increase the desire to achieve the goal, which increases towards the end of the course. probability of failure.

Limitations of the six-petal diet

Opinions about the six-petal diet will undoubtedly be positive if all the requirements set by nutrition experts are followed. First of all, pastries (except cereal bread), sugar, chocolate, cocoa, butter, sausages, smoked meats and canned foods should be excluded from the diet. All products must be fresh and preservative-free.

You can drink water, tea, juices between meals, it is not recommended to "wash" the food during meals - this slows down digestion. Servings should be small, but you can eat quite often - up to six times a day.

Of course, a question may arise in each of the readers - will there be an unpleasant feeling about being able to consume a kind of product during the day? Maybe you’re even more likely to want to eat something delicious than usual. But then you will not starve like other diets. And as the noticeably constructed lucky ones say, the effectiveness of the technique can be felt very quickly!

Six Petal Diet: A Series of Monodiets

  • First day - fish dishes. On this day, it is recommended to eat any kind of fish cooked, fried or steamed. It can't be fried. You can add spices, a little salt and herbs to your food. It will also be useful to use fish soup.
  • Second day - vegetables. The diet on this day should consist only of vegetables. They can be eaten raw, cooked in salads, steamed. Mild seasoning is allowed for ready meals. Natural vegetable juices can also be prepared and consumed. However, canned and pickled foods should be excluded.
  • Third day - poultry. On the third day, eat only poultry, preferably chicken. To do this, the fillets are separated and steamed, cooked or baked. You should still avoid fried foods. You can add small amounts of spices, herbs and salt to the meat. It’s also good to have a serving of chicken broth.
  • Fourth day - cereals. For this day we offer dishes made from various cereals. It can be all kinds of cereals, bran bread, bread.
  • Fifth day - cottage cheese menu. On the fifth day, all low-fat milk and sour milk products are allowed. It can be milk, fermented fried milk, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese. At the end of the diet, such a diet is very useful both for the content of substances needed by the body and for maintaining a normal mood due to its balanced composition.
  • Sixth day - fruits. This is the last day and your menu should be made from unsweetened fruits. They can also be made in the form of salads, purees and juices.

Detailed diet menu

Our ladies are very resourceful when compiling weight loss menu recipes and often do not strictly adhere to the restrictions that are otherwise prerequisites to diet. Therefore, it is better to give an example of a detailed daily diet so that everyone gets an idea of the meal.

The first day:

  • 8: 00 - cooked sea bass fillets (you can use cod, hake, perch);
  • 11: 00 - low-fat fish with baked dill and parsley;
  • 14: 00 - fish soup (shrimp and rapana meat can be added to fish) without vegetables;
  • 17: 00 - fish cooked in a double boiler;
  • 20: 00 - cooked perch with spices.

Between meals - green, black, herbal tea without sugar.

Fish for the first day of the six-petalled diet

The second day:

  • 8: 00 - Jerusalem artichokes, turnips or carrots, grated;
  • 11: 00 - vegetable stew or puree without oil (in own juice);
  • 14: 00 - stewed cabbage with boiled potatoes;
  • 17: 00 - beets and carrots cooked in a double boiler;
  • 20: 00 - raw vegetables.

Between meals: vegetable juices, green and black tea.

Assorted vegetables - the diet of the second day of the 6-petal diet

Third day:

  • 8: 00 - cooked chicken fillet;
  • 11: 00 - chicken breast fried in foil with spices;
  • 14: 00 - white broth with roots and herbs;
  • 17: 00 - grilled chicken (or grill);
  • 20: 00 - cooked chicken fillet.

Between meals: chicken soup, tea.

Chicken broth is included in the diet of the third day of the 6-petal diet

Fourth day:

  • 8: 00 - porridge cooked in water from cereals;
  • 11: 00 - buckwheat porridge cooked in water (with spices);
  • 14: 00 - rice porridge or rice (on the water);
  • 17: 00 - oatmeal on the water with the addition of seeds (up to 50 grams);
  • 20: 00 - buckwheat porridge with herbs.

Between meals: herbal tea.

Porridge cooked in water for the grain day of the six-petalled diet

Fifth day:

  • 8: 00 - low-fat cottage cheese + yoghurt (natural);
  • 11: 00 - cottage cheese (1% fat) with added milk;
  • 14: 00 - cottage cheese (5% fat) without additives;
  • 17: 00 - cottage cheese with kefir;
  • 20: 00 - low-fat cottage cheese without additives.

Between meals: drink 1 glass of milk and tea without restriction.

The fifth day of the 6-petal diet is dedicated to the consumption of cottage cheese, yogurt and milk.

Sixth day:

  • 8: 00 - two red apples, a cup of black coffee;
  • 11: 00 - a banana;
  • 14: 00 - a small bunch of grapes and an orange;
  • 17: 00 - three kiwis;
  • 20: 00 - two green apples.

Meals include fresh juices, herbs, tea.

If desired, you can supplement the fruit day with juices from super fruits - such as mangosteen, acai, goji, noni. It gives energy and vitamins. Concentrates must be diluted with water.

The 6-petal diet can be repeated after 2 weeks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a 6 Petal Diet

Despite the monotonous diet, the petal diet does not cause fatigue. There is also no psychological dissonance, which is often observed with a monotonous diet. Within six days, the body receives useful products that contain the vitamins, microelements and amino acids necessary for life. You can get rid of 6 extra pounds in a week.

The 6 petal diet is not suitable for those who work. Frequent fragmented meals with special meals take a lot of time, so it is better to use the technique during your vacation. Nutrition under this system is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, or those with liver disease.

Get out of the six-petal diet

People do not feel hungry during the six-petalled diet, so there is no need for special preparation to quit the diet. In the early days, it is not recommended to consume fried, smoked and fatty foods (or better to leave them completely), to drink carbonated drinks, alcohol.

If you are worried about your body getting all the nutrients it needs, you can supplement your diet with a good multivitamin.

Diet 6 petals: results

The 6 petal diet brings amazing results! The Association of Dietitians, which oversaw the conduct of the volunteer experiments of fifteen participants, unanimously decided to officially recognize this technique. It was also found that volunteers who followed Johansson’s 6-petalled diet significantly improved their health outcomes. The women in the majority in the group lost 800 grams a day and at the same time felt great. There was a lot of improvement in complexion, vividness and a good mood.

The picture shows a menu of 6 petals of the diet, as well as the study of videos with detailed recommendations from dietitians.